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BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes REKTs Users with Big Black Block

A flurry of tips have flooded the Coin Jazeera inbox this week with news that Arty's Casino kingpin, Arthur Hayes, has livestreamed himself pushing a big red button reading REKT, instantly liquidating nearly every user on BitMEX. The controversy began with a post in the BitMEX trollbox by user BigBlackBlock, who posted a link to a Twitch. BitMEX Rekt is the name in the cryptocurrency world for liquidations that occur on the platform BitMEX. BitMEX is a derivatives trading platform, of which you can trade various cryptocurrencies, the most popular being Bitcoin but you can also trade altcoins such as Ethereum, TRON and EOS How BitMEX Margin Works. At 25X and higher you are playing with fire. If you put up one Bitcoin, you can only lose one Bitcoin. How BitMEX Margin Works When you are doing any sort of leveraged trading on exchanges, you are required to put up margin for your account. Use these advanced stops and use them well, rekt every single trade, every time

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Access to trading or holding positions on BitMEX is prohibited for any person or entity that is located, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a citizen or a resident of: (i) the United States of America, Québec (Canada), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Seychelles, Bermuda, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea or Sudan; (ii) any state, country or other jurisdiction that is embargoed by the United States. De senaste tweetarna från @BXRek Sir Rekt A Lot Over 90% Failure Rate In short this means over 90% of you are likely to burn/empy/crush/lose your Bitmex leveraged accounts. The reasons we list below for you to peruse through. Our Bitmex indicator tells us that you guys are likely to be TOAST! This Bitmex Indicator is not here to judge you Rekto delivers a live tape of all BitMEX liquidations to give a trader an unprecendented perspective on market liquidations. 24 hour summary stats quickly give serious traders a quantitative data point to judge the total level of market stress The term Bitmex REKT means that an user on Bitmex has run out of margin to cover their position and therefore their position has been liquidated - they have lost all their margin. During volatile moves in Bitcoin's price, it is fun to watch the liquidations happen

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Total Market Liquidation. $62,776,952 (49%) $62.8M+. Longs Liquidation. TOTAL: $128,971,985. $129M+. $66,195,033 (51%) $66.2M+ She marveled at how total strangers—even those who got rekt on BitMEX—would approach Hayes on the street and want to give him a hug. For so many people Arthur is like a cult figure, she. Crowd Positions and REKT. Bitmex Trollbox. Crypto Tweets . A Twitter List by kimchibot. Sign Up Using these BITMEX and BINANCE links and get FREE BOT TRIAL KimchiBot offers 30 days of free usage of the KimchiBot Trading Algorithm for BITMEX and BINANCE traders who signed up using the referral links..

by around $ 200 starting at 2am utc with it currently


On other brokers when you breach your maintenance margin position thresh hold you will get a margin call but BitMEX use a more efficient process that is called BitMEX liquidation engine. In all means it is an automatic system that works from a market price range and will liquidate your position if that position will come negative to a margin maintenance Rekt on BITMEX!!! Hi Guys, So right before trading opened I cancelled my order, actually spammed it to close. The order cancelled dialog popped up, and the price kept rising and I was like oh this is good because I was already open long from 6480. However my stop buy somehow still triggered (originally at 6650) at 7130

These Bitmex centric tools & resources will serve to give you a greater understanding of how to control your risk and help you stay away from becoming one of the REKT. Read each of the links below several times until you feel you have a good understanding of these tools/resources Bitmex saw a massive increase in new users over the last days, and we are pretty sure, a massive amount of rek't accounts as well. Bitmex offers a dangerous leverage of factor 100, which can literally make you rich in seconds - and also burn all your money in the blink of an eye BitMex liquidation Twitter bot (bitmexrekt). Contribute to LittleLightLittleFire/REKT development by creating an account on GitHub


Visit for Bitmex Twitter Rekt.Bitmex Twitter Rekt: BitMEX is a trading platform that offers investors access to the global financial markets using only Bitcoin. BitMEX is built by finance professionals with over 40 years of combined experience and offers a comprehensive API and supporting tools The BitMex Trader - Lambo or REKT? (Funniest BitMex Video of all time) - Duration: 1:03. 100 3,777 view Nederlandse BitMEX handleiding voor beginners. Geschreven door: Max Latupeirissa. Gepubliceerd op 27 februari 2019. om 12:40. Waarschuwing: Je moet tenminste een paar maanden ervaring hebben met traden voordat je met BitMEX en leverage trading aan de slag gaat. Noobs gaan sowieso rekt TRADE THE CHAIN Welcome to Trade The Chain, every Friday afternoon. Join Alex Mascioli, CJ Reichel, Matt Montemayor and Ryan Gorman as they run through the.

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SotN #16: RETREATING! w/ @jchervinsky (BitMEX REKT, SEC Action, is DeFi safe?) Lots of legal action taken against the crypto world lately! We're bringing Jake Chervinsky from Compound Labs onto the show to help us understand what's going on. - Enforcement actions from the SEC and CFT XRP Crashes 56% on BitMEX, Rekt Traders Are Furious. After an encouraging rally, Ripple's XRP angered traders by causing huge liquidations on BitMEX. Price Brought Down 56% in One Candle. XRP, which only a couple of weeks ago appeared on the BitMEX futures market, caused the ire of traders

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  1. Rekto delivers a live tape of all BitMEX liquidations to give a trader an unprecendented perspective on market liquidations. 24 hour summary stats quickly give serious traders a quantitative data point to judge the total level of market stress
  2. Your boutique Cryptocurrency toolkit — bets, breakouts and analysi
  3. BitMEX Fees Explained - How Much Are You Paying? In this article we'll breakdown all the fees that you pay when trading... How To Use The BitMEX Calculator? The BitMEX Calculator lets you calculate your profit/loss, liquidation price and your ROE... What is BitMEX Rekt? BitMEX Rekt is the name in the cryptocurrency world for liquidations.
  4. chart. Don't get REKT! Especially, on Shitcoins :
  5. Exocharts.com is orderFlow charting platform for futures contract and crypto currency markets
  6. g when a team or a player gets severely beaten by the opponent. If you do so then your position will get liquidated and you'll be featured by the Bitmex Rekt bot
  7. BitMEX Rekt By Mati Greenspan of eToro Friday, July 19, 2019 8:50 AM EDT Well, it finally happened This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who's been watching the space. I must admit that even I have several times.

BitMEX. BitMEX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that uses high leverage and margin trading and is open to many non-U.S. citizens. They have were the highest volume exchange in the 2018 bear market, although up-and-coming exchanges like FTX and Binance Futures have given BitMEX a run for their money in recent years BitMex (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is one of the largest cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms in the world. Its daily volume of BTC exceeds one million dollars and it is currently recognized as the best exchange for futures trading, so it is important to understand that on this platform we do not trade directly with our cryptocurrencies, but with the value they represent through. Not to mention Marc has a seriously long history of not managing risk properly and getting massively rekt. — Akado 'Bitcoin Halving in 88 days' Sang (@AkadoSang) February 13, 2020 For now, BitMEX has not given any signs it would use its reserves to compensate the participants in the XRP market REKT Player One. While most regulators consider their jurisdiction to extend only as far as operations within their borders, American regulators claim authority over the entirety of a business if it serves or affects just one US citizen. This important distinction means many cryptocurrency companies either use subsidiaries for American-specific business - like HBUS for Huobi - or choose.

The REKT account is part schadenfreude, part warning: trading cryptocurrency is risky, and people can lose large sums of money. On Bitmex, the risk is even higher since people are able to trade on. Deribit Pumps 500 BTC Into its Own REKT Insurance Fund. It's a wild ride out there as insane volatility catches both derivatives traders and exchanges off-guard. Not only did BitMEX suffer a hardware issue but Deribit also went down and saw its insurance fund get REKT. Instead of initiating socialized losses though, the Panama-based.

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  1. XRP Crashes 56% on BitMEX, Rekt Traders Are Furious. After an encouraging rally, Ripple's XRP angered traders by causing huge liquidations on BitMEX. Price Brought Down 56% in One Candle XRP, which only a couple of weeks ago appeared on the BitMEX futures market, caused the ire of traders
  2. I will continue to try get the main account unbanned. In the interim and if that account never gets unbanned. BitmexRekt is back as @BXRekt.. On July 23rd I've received a notice from Twitter that the @BitmexRekt bot has been reported for impersonation and that I should change the handle or they may suspend the account.. On July 24th the account has been suspended by Twitter
  3. since i can't see my own script, maybe an idea helps :P https://www.tradingview.com/script/l7YMIhKW-mex-rekt-level
  4. BitMEX, the Arthur Hayes-led Futures exchange which has been seeing massive increases in its Bitcoin derivatives volume in 2019, saw its short positions liquidated. Cryptometer, an online tool tracking the liquidation of forward positions on BitMEX, saw the 24-hour shorts REKT at a whopping $325 million, at press time, in its XBTUSD contracts
  5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading attracts huge masses of retail traders. Especially now as we can see Bitcoin reaching for all-time highs after the 2017 mainstream boom which led the price of BTC to $20,000 in the first place. High volatility, no KYC (know-your-customer) requirements from brokers, high leverage with low margins, all of these.
  6. rea
  7. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes goes dark. BitMEX CEO and co-founder Arthur Hayes vanished into thin air from the social networks soon after the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) set up an inquiry against the company. Arthur Hayes founded Bitmex, a cryptocurrency exchange, and trading company in 2014 along with Ben Delo and Samuel Reed

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Meanwhile, margin traders keep getting rekt on BitMEX as the derivative exchange recorded about $68 million worth of BTC shorts liquidation within the last 24 hours. Bitcoin In The Past 7 Days. Bitcoin continues to show stronger signs of a bear market recovery after it began to move up the charts about 48 hours ago XRP Crashes 56% on BitMEX, Rekt Traders Are Furious. After an encouraging rally, Ripple's XRP angered traders by causing huge liquidations on BitMEX. Price Brought Down 56% in One Candle. XRP, which only a couple of weeks ago appeared on the BitMEX futures market, caused the ire of traders Compared to BitMEX's 40% decline in traffic, Coinbase only had a 7% drop and Binance 2%. Meanwhile, OKEx saw the biggest uptick of over 238% (up from 1.73 million to 5.85 million) Also, while other exchanges like Binance and Huobi saw about 10% positive change in their BTC supply, BitMEX had declined 16% since Black Thursday Bitmex is purely scam company if any one ance register the never exit by taking profit .they slowly getting in loss in position by rekt or in stop loss Sandeep Crypto analysts scramble to assess U.S. charges against BitMEX, home of 100x bitcoin perpetual swaps and a venue for getting rekt

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who's been watching the space. I must admit that even I have several times been BitMEX Rekt. That place i Bitmex platform quickly became known in the cryptocurrency scene and it wasn't long until the traders invented the term Bitmex Rekt. Bitmex Rekt is the nightmare of any good trader. It means that your position got liquidated and your funds are lost. This usually happens a lot with traders, especially with the ones that don't use a. As bitcoin prices hover above the $55k zone, a number of participants wonder when the bull run will end. Bitcoin proponents are convinced bull markets have three waves and another wave may start soon


Even more important, Bitmex lets you short Bitcoin with Bitcoin. That's right. Bitmex doesn't take fiat but it let's you go long or short on Bitcoin through a clever hack. It sets each of its contracts at $1 USD. So if Bitcoin is trading at $10,000 and you buy $10,000 worth of contracts you bought the equivalent of a single Bitcoin BitMEX added, Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of the Libra product, is that unit holders do not appear to be entitled to receive the investment income. While a traditional ETF has a committed return on investment, Libra appears to be much more laissez-faire about much money is there to be made-despite Facebook asking partners to stump up $10 million just to get involved

Facebook's Libra gets REKT by BitMEX in two parody articles BitMEX provides a tongue in cheek analysis of Libra, saying it's nothing new—and CEO Arthur Hayes takes a swipe at Mark Zuckerberg. By Tim Copeland. 4 min read. Jun 28, 2019 Jun 28, 201

11 August 2018: Save on BitMEX fees with this coupon. BitMEX fees are much higher than on conventional exchanges because the fee applies to the entire leveraged position, not just your margin. For market trades fees are 0.075% of your position. So total fees on a $1,000 trade with 100x leverage are $150 [100 x $1,000 x 0.00075 x 2] ADAH21 Buy 4,000 @ 0.0000228. 49 views 16:08. BitMEX liquidations (REKT However, 18 months and one gruelling bear market later, many of these millionaires are back on the job market after being 'REKT', as they call it on crypto-related social media. But that isn't what happened to legendary BitMEX trader 'TheBoot', who has astonishingly turned 0.6 BTC into more than 300 BTC by trading cryptocurrency derivatives in spite of the bear market

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02/01/2021 $500 million • 100 million • Bitcoin • Bitcoin (BTC) • Bitcoin Long • Bitcoin Shorting • Bitfinex Data • BitMex • Blockchain • BTC long • BTC Shorts • bybit • Bybit Data • crypto assets • Liquidation • Liquidations • Long • Markets and Prices • REKT • Shorts • Traders Liquidate Live BitMEX REKT Liquidation notices. Live reporting of BitMEX liquidations in the main channel. Threshold currently set for 500,000+ contracts. Media embedding and Direct Messaging. Unlike exchange trollboxes, the ability to embed charts and other media into the chat as well as the ability to direct private message other members Avoid getting REKT by knowing the risks of your derivative positions. Marcel Burger. Follow. Apr 10, BitMex was the first exchange that successfully offered derivatives BitMEX liquidations (REKT) Community-Details 958 Mitglieder. BitMEX cryptoexchange liquidations admin @bzero Binance liq channel @REKTbinance. In öffnen Telegra Some unusual events have been reported on BitMEX — which are raising concerns over the Bitcoin exchange probably being hacked.. Recent events about BitMEX are putting red flags that the exchange may have probably been hacked to some extent. The official Twitter handle @BitMEXdotcom tweeted two tweets earlier on November 01, 2019 that was quickly deleted

BitMEX gives room for higher leverage with a lower margin and a small amount for contract. It additionally allows its clients to pick the sort of buying power they want. Instead of the last exchanged cost, BitMEX utilizes an underlying index price to calculate it's margin, which means your order book cannot be manipulated BitMEX allows users to trade a number of different cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Tezos and Zcash. The trading platform on BitMEX is very intuitive and easy to use for those familiar with similar markets. However, it is not for the beginner Never ever allow to be REKT at Bitmex as in this case you lose much more then you should! This is the way how Bitmex insurance fund grows so fast and is so enormous. In the end of this article you can read about 2 common mistakes and how much sometimes people lose if for example 10 000 000 quantity trade was liquidated at Bitmex BitMEX's day has gone from bad to worse as the leading cryptocurrency exchange's Twitter account has been hacked, with the hackers warning all users to take your BTC and run. The hack comes just hours after BitMEX leaked thousands of customer email addresses, prompting a response from the exchange on social media BitMEX guide on how to START 100X leveraged trading will explain to you: shorting Bitcoin, PNL, fees, calculations, scalping, traps, and the best profitable strategies. This is the most traded leveraged exchange for Bitcoin futures and perpetual contracts. www.MinistryOfMarginTrading.co

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  1. ation of open position to close in loss. Moving price down is so fast you can't believe. It looks scammer are planning for taking your hard earn money
  2. Lightning fast Ethereum, Polygon, Bitcoin, BSC, xDai & Optimism nodes in seconds . We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs & dedicated nodes, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel
  3. XBTH21 Sell 1,171 @ 38684.5. 59 views 12:45. BitMEX liquidations (REKT
  4. Kripto para sektörünün en önde gelen platformlarından birisi olan ve vadeli işlemler dendiğinde sektörde büyük bir yere sahip olduğu ifade edilen BitMEX'in, 2019 yılı için istatistikleri belli oldu. Konuyla ilgili olarak ortaya çıkan verilere göre, platform üzerinde geride bıraktığımız yıl top..
  5. — REKT (@BXRekt) January 2, 2021. This action can be seen across a myriad of other cryptocurrency exchanges including Bitmex, Bybit, and other platforms that offer margin and leverage trades
  6. It's like nine or 10,000 down to like 4,000. Right. And there were people who got rekt on some of the platforms now, of course BitMEX and some of the the degen leverage casinos. Yes. A lot of people got rekt there, but also some people on some of the other actual just collateralized platforms
  7. BitMEX (praises be upon them) blessed us with the 100x perpetual swap, and taught us the meaning of getting rekt (liquidated)! They are simply a MUST TRADE crypto derivatives exchange! Type of Exchange

As leveraged traders were getting rekt, the liquidation engine continued the dump. With an order book hopelessly overwhelmed by the volume in the liquidation engine, Lowstrife suggests that BitMEX killed the market as a circuit breaker for the negative feedback loop. If this is the case, he believes it was the right decision Details File Size: 570KB Duration: 1.100 sec Dimensions: 498x389 Created: 10/2/2020, 1:54:44 P bitcoin margin trading vs. futures trading. Romano RNR. Aug 3, 2018 · 5 min read. TL;DR. Trading margin on Bitfinex, Poloniex or Kraken is too expensive because you pay daily interest cost. The rate can only be locked in 1 until 30 days max. For long term trades you will be bleeding fees and can rekt you if price moves against you

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Altcoin margin trading bitmex rekt reddit. I started asking around to see if it lived up to the hype. In fact, the liquidation price is another one of the innovations that makes Bitmex unique In Brief. The cryptocurrency market has seen close to $3 billion in liquidations over the last 24 hours. This follows the largest price drop seen in the asset class since the beginning of the most recent bull run. This rapid price changes continues to highlight the massive volatility of the asset class. promo Tom Lee in Protective Custody after Another Missed Call. Photo Courtesy of CNBC. Infamous CNBC permabull and analyst Tom Lee is now in protective custody after yet another failed Bitcoin price prediction. Tom Lee received notoriety during the Bitcoin Bull of 2017 for brilliantly predicting every single price movement incorrectly BitMEX liquidations (REKT) BitMEX cryptoexchange liquidations admin @bzero Binance liq channel @REKTbinance. 在 Telegram. Bitmex Liquidation Bands - JD. A simple visual representation of leverage implications in Bitmex. Can be used as a guide to place stops or targets to as the chart tends to jump from one liquidation point to another, most of the time. Different leverages can be selected

Before I used it, I was already liquidated twice (once on BitMex and once on Binance Futures, right after the first Gunbot Permanent Tournament). Since the script has been running - no more liquidation! Besides the original anti REKT purpose, the tool has got a lot of other useful features in the meantime

How Cryptocurrency Traders Are Manipulating the MarketBitMEX Candle Liquidates $52M Worth of Bitcoin ShortsBitMEX vs Bityard (DO NOT GET REKT - Bitcoin TradingBitcoin margin trading Platforms: Bitmex vs Binance vsThis Twitter bot trolls people who've lost a ton of moneyCryptoReclaimsmen on Twitter: "Daily #crypto #haiku Bart
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